The value of economics as a mathematical application is not linked to any system of beliefs, this is an important differentiation that I believe is lost in translation but necessary for an effective and sustainable career in the arts. My goal is to teach people that they can utilize economics in order to create the work they want to be making, rather than minimizing what they are capable of as a result of deficient information about finance and operational management.

Book this one hour lecture for your class, organization or small interest group. The lecture discusses key aspects of economics, operations, and financial management and focuses on optimizing project management. The goal is to help the audience to develop a clear and applicable purpose for economic theory in the arts. Through the demystification of vocabulary to basic formula’s this talk is all about taking the emotions out of the price breakdown and understanding what the work cost the artist to make. From there we develop mathematical equations on how to value time, effort and art. This lecture is the first in a growing series of informative talks on art + business and bringing the two together to support, develop and sustain culture industries globally.

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Art + Business

An Unlikely Duo



a. the social science of creation, circulation, enjoyment

b. how individuals/groups make choices on resources

c. how groups should coordinate efforts

d. implications of specific human activities



Artists document, conserve and exhibit history, social process, and current events in order to explain human development, encourage further research and support creative intelligent life.

I’ve been working with CARFAC Alberta for six and a half years now and throughout that time, I’ve witnessed a huge amount of professional development resources for artists. They all serve their purpose and present valuable information for Alberta’s professional artists. After a while though, a lot of the information tends to get repeated. There’s no shortage of resources aimed at teaching artist basic business skills, but often they end up reiterating the same information over and over. And that’s okay, as most people seeking out these resources are seeking them out for the first time. However, Marta’s talk at cSpace was actually quite refreshing. Her presentation managed to dig deep and present basic concepts in a new, interesting way that really helped me see basic business concepts more tangibly than I have before. It’s impressive how comprehensively she can translate her experience studying business to a language that artists understand. The ideas Marta is working with may be basic for businesspeople, but hearing the audiences questions and comments after the presentation clearly showed that these ideas can be revelatory for an artist.
— Graeme Dearden