Photo Credit: Yamuna Flaherty

There is an artistic element in almost every thing we experience as a society, it is so ingrained in our fabric that I think we forget how prevalent 'the arts' are. When I began my master degree in business administration the thing I feared the most was that I would be alone in my experiences. The conversations and considerations that I was accustom to in my daily communications, which were settled comfortably amongst a community of virtuosos, would be lost in a world of the English language that even as a native speaker, I had not yet learned. Halfway through I found I was both wrong and right. There was a multitude of participants in my program that are talented in a variety of artistic industries, however, the language we use to describe these endeavours is vastly different from the language I learned during my bachelor degree in fine arts. There are levels of analytical consequence and emotional intelligence that are available in some spaces and not in others. There have been silos built within our social networks, conceiving the idea that the foundations of society are too different to be integrated into one functioning system. I am curious how many people might feel the same way. Do we think that we are all so different we could never learn the others' craft? Do we know how valuable it would be if each had a wholesome understanding of the fundamental context of the thing we think we may never be capable of? 


The human figure has been a staple of Marta Gorski’s work from the early stages; inspired by landscapes in nature and the body, her work aims to explore the consequence of intimacy through alternative perspectives. Gorski works primarily in concept driven installation art, her process is supported by an effort to generate empathy through conceptual experiences. Marta is a Canadian-born installation artist, currently living in Oakland, CA. In 2010 she earned a Bachelor of Fine Art (major in glass) from the Alberta College of Art + Design, after graduating Gorski began working in educational strategy for the Canadian Red Cross. This lead her to complete a Master Degree in Business Administration at the San Francisco + New York campuses of Hult International Business School. Since graduating Gorski has been working to combine her knowledge and passion for the arts, education and business development. Gorski is developing a consulting agency that supports career artists in better understanding the economics of their practice. In addition, she is writing curriculum for an Arts Management Program in Canada while continuously developing her own artistic practice.