Art + Business: An Unlikely Duo

Calgary | Art + Busines Acumen: An Unlikely Duo PD Session

with Marta Gorski
Tuesday June 12
6 – 8pm

The value of economics as a mathematical application is not linked to any system of beliefs, this is an important differentiation that I believe is lost in translation but necessary for an effective and sustainable career in the arts. My goal is to teach people that they can utilize economics in order to create the work they want to be making, rather than minimizing what they are capable of as a result of deficient information about finance and operational management.

Join us at the Treehouse South space in cSPACE King Edward  •  1721 29 Ave SW #235
Free for Visual Arts Alberta ~ CARFAC members  •  $10 for non–members
RSVP by 4pm on Friday, June 8 to
For more information, contact Sharon at (780) 421-1731 or email us.

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Macromea – a multi-media installation (glass + photography + printmaking) - offers an exploration into how we, as a society, allow others to view us, what our true nature is both collectively and individually, and when and where we open ourselves to others.



“Alana [Biffert] and Marta [Gorski’s] exhibition is more of an inward thinking element,” Malec elaborates.  “How people evaluate each other. How people perceive each other. An analysis of who we are as human beings. Global culture. How we are integrating with each other… A more structured work. Clearly defining the experience through a lens.” MACROMEA is dimensional and ambiguous, creating an uncomfortable distance that resists bridging but demands the attempt.   


VUE WEEKLY-marcromea

“What we’re presenting from the wall forward is this view of what we want you to see,” Gorski says. “We’ve set up boundaries and we’ve set up barriers and we’ve offered you windows and looking glasses into what we want you to see. But because there’s that other person, the viewer, their responsibility in the relationship is to either surpass and just take a surface look at you or to go in between some of those barriers and take an investigation of what is really there.”

Innovative Change Makers: The Marta Gorski Project

The title "Creative Professional" is a new catalyst blasting down the hemispherical separation of those in business and those in artistry. Taking her right brained creativity and anchoring it with left-brain logic and discipline, Marta brings a new revelation to society’s dichotic sanction of either “this” or “that” when it comes to career options. This article explores the unique artist and her journey through the MBA program and how her newfound wisdom will propel her career in art.
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Draw More Income

Draw More Income is a podcast put out by Visual Arts Alberta-CARFAC that is meant to show real, honest conversations about what it is like practically to live and work as a Canadian artist.

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