Consulting Services

Start with a plan that’s right for you. Contact me to discuss your business and how I can help you streamline your practice, generate more revenue and develop strong and sustainable business habits within your art practice.


Operations optimization

Dig deep into your practice to understand financial, operational and economic benefits to running your art practice.

Organize production sequences, manage resources and understand when outsourcing will work in your favour.

Analyze management practices and generate effective strategies that will serve in future project procurement.

Create streamline operations that work for you, your clients, and your teams.

marketing Solutions

Market yourself with your personality as the driving force and avoid a one-size-fits-all social media plan.

Analyze markets, construct comprehensive audience targeting plans and create an effective networking strategies.

Utilize outlets that work with your art practice and create outreach strategies that are comfortable for you to implement.


Program enhancement

Conduct research on current market trends, prospective partnerships, product demands.

Create effective programming to enable additional capacity within your studio space.

Utilize critical analysis reports to develop short, long term goals and implementation plans.

Management initiatives

Develop effective client procurement strategies and staff retention policies.

Develop in-house best practices for operations, marketing and financial systems.

Change perspectives and learn to view your work as an art practice and as a business.


Application Support

To best serve your practice consultation services are broken down into two phases. The goal is to first develop a strategy and then advise on how to apply business concepts to your unique practice.

Phase One:

Analyzes processes, financials, operations, resources, programs and projects and advises throughout strategy development.

Phase Two:

Streamline and advise on strategy implementation through critical analysis of change management initiatives and constructive optimization efforts.

Once you have begun to apply your specific strategy, I will continue to consult with you on an intermitted basis to ensure you have a chance to troubleshoot your strategy. We continue to connect with you as your business skills become second nature.